Newsletter December 2020

A challenging year is coming to an end. Before Christmas and New Year's Eve are around the corner we would like to provide you with the latest news about our products and our team. Happy holidays and a great start into 2021!

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FOR YOUR INTEREST: New Consultant License

With our brand-new Consultant License, we let you handle your licenses even more comfortable! Our Consultant License is a so-called Named User License. The license is assigned to one person in the licensee's company. This has the surplus value for the named user that he may install the software one after the other on any number of machines in your own company or at different customers’, for the period of use. This makes license management less complex. Especially IT-Admins or technicians who work on a variety of different systems will benefit from this new option.

Please check our full license agreement for more details or visit our Shop to obtain a license.

Do you need more information, or can we answer you further questions? Feel free to contact our Sales Team.

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INTERVIEW: Raimund's favorite ServerSentinel use cases

Since May 2020, Raimund has been in charge of system administration at JAM Software. Claudia as part of our marketing team has questioned him about our monitoring tool ServerSentinel.

Claudia: "Raimund, you have been with JAM for a few months now, but before that you worked in various large companies in which other monitoring tools were used. For which purpose do you prefer to use ServerSentinel, and why?"

Raimund: "First of all, the tool is perfectly suited for monitoring CPU, memory and hard disks. In daily running operations it is always of utmost importance to monitor the load. Particularly with the use of hard drives that contain databases, it can hit the limit of the disk every minute. With the Sentinel, I don't have to search or poke around in a lot of data. I can find a punctual error right away. This is an enormous help."

Claudia: "What would be the possible consequences if such errors or a high load were not directly detected?"

Raimund: "Well, the bottom line is that the system never stops. In addition, a full memory slows down all applications and therefore squanders time, energy and patience of users."

Claudia: "You mentioned databases earlier. Do you use ServerSentinel to secure the operation of our databases?"

Raimund: "Of course! We monitor our database servers with sensors. By the way, the monitoring intervals here have to be shorter than with a web server, for example, which is easy to configure in Sentinel. A database server handles a very large amount of data and numerous transactions constantly lead to changes. The Sentinel allows DBAs to see what's going on instantly."

Claudia: "You have worked with other monitoring tools prior to JAM. Which advantages does ServerSentinel offer in your opinion?"

Raimund: "The tool is really clear and user-friendly. I personally think this is very important, because in the ideal case you don't go into the system as often after the first setup and still have to be able to change settings quickly. I also like the fact that I can enter parameters and set conditions for when an action should be performed. This is useful for example when monitoring a service. Another thing I like is the escalation scenarios for the notifications."

Claudia: "At this point I have to ask: What do you mean by escalation scenarios?"

Raimund: "Very simple: I can flexibly set who is to be notified when a limit value is exceeded and also proceed in several steps. If it concerns the DB server, the DBA gets the e-mail and in case of a web server it is the web master. And if the error still occurs after a certain period of time, the next message will go one level higher to the head of system administration."

Claudia: "Understood. And finally one more question: What do you wish for the future from ServerSentinel?" 

Raimund: "I would like to see the reporting functions expanded. In the past, I have spent quite a few hours creating reports. An automatic report at the end of the month for the CIO would be a pretty amazing feature. In addition, I personally miss a dashboard that allows me to see all the information that is important to me at a glance and identify problem areas directly."

Claudia: "This has been noted. I assume you have already communicated those wishes to the product management. Thank you very much for the interview and further successful monitoring with the Sentinel!"

Raimund: "Thank you."


Editor's note: Raimund has the possibility to directly pass on his product wishes internally. But there' s also a possibility for you to actively participate in the development of the product by using the Feature Voting Platform of ServerSentinel.

Learn more about ServerSentinel

PRODUCT NEWS: Ultra Fast. Ultra Easy. UltraSearch. 

Faster than you could imagine: With UltraSearch, we offer you a solution for extremely fast and intuitive file search. Our new version 3.0 comes with a completely overhauled appearance. UltraSearch fits perfectly into your Windows operating system. Choose between the powerful UltraSearch Free version and the brand-new extended edition with even more options for your convenient file search: UltraSearch Professional.

With the regular Windows file search, searching for specific file types with different file extensions can be quite complicated and time consuming. UltraSearch Professional allows you to create your own file types and to define them along different file extensions. Find files or subfolders at lightning speed when you search through all your local drives and your network drives, USB sticks and SD cards at the same time.

Convince yourself and use our 30-day trial period, free of charge.

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INSIDE JAM: WE at JAM and the newest stor(e)y

We at JAM - that means 35 different personalities, characters and mentalities from different spheres and positions. We celebrate and promote this individuality. This requires not only cohesion, respect and understanding, but of course also an adequate workspace.

In order to give more room to our creativity, our ideas and our team, our JAM-Villa has grown by one more floor in summer.

Over the years, we have grown into a strong team of JAMers, in which everyone has their place and contributes their individual strengths and abilities. We and our customers profit from this special dynamic every day. Despite the demands and special challenges that this year has in store for all of us, we continue to give our best and remain passionate and committed to each other and our customers.

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