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Anti-Spam & -Virus, Backup and Rules Engine for the Exchange Server

Spam - Nuisance and Security Risk. Spam Blockers Help!

Spam is a daily annoyance. No business is safe from the unwanted emails cluttering their inboxes. There are several arguments for anti-spam measures such as an email spam blocker:

  • Spam wastes your time! Manually sorting through a spam folder keeps your employees from doing their work.
  • Spam hogs disk space! Backups of your email accounts will be bloated by spam you received.
  • Spam is a security risk! Many spam emails distribute malware.

Another danger often overlooked: once an email has reached your inbox - even if it is placed in the spam folder - courts may regard it as delivered. If, for example, an invoice is falsely marked as spam and you never even notice it sitting in your spam folder, you might still need to pay reminder fees.

If your Exchange mail server is trained (via a spam filter) to reject spam emails (Exchange Server 2007 and higher), the email sender will be informed and can make sure his invoice reaches you via another channel. In addition, rejected spam emails do not have to be archived along with your official email correspondence. In short: a working anti-spam filter and anti-spam email software are a must!

Which Exchange Server spam filter is right for me?

The Exchange Server Toolbox employs the highly effective spam blocker SpamAssassin. The spam filter of UNIX fame is used by most of the big providers and was ported to Windows by JAM Software. SpamAssassin for Exchange Server works out of the box and learns automatically - your ideal anti-spam server solution.