ShellBrowser .NET Components

Native Explorer Shell Controls for .NET

Windows Shell Functionalities for Your Applications

The ShellBrowser is an invisible component that most other ShellBrowser components use internally. It is a managed class providing a comprehensive set of native Windows Shell functionalities. It enables you to easily integrate Windows shell features in your application without the cumbersome work of importing unmanaged dll functions and interfaces manually.

The path of the current folder is contained in the Folder property, while ObjectName contains the name of the current object. You can use the method Next to enumerate all objects in the current folder.

You can query a wide range of information on the current object, like its icon or tooltip. GetColumnText lets you retrieve any attribute of a file (even the special ones like the title of music files).

The method ShowContextMenu shows the context menu of the current object at a certain point. You can integrate your own popup menus in the explorer context menu.

InvokeContextMenuCommand will execute a command of the context menu, for example "properties", "default" or "delete". Use IsFolder to check whether the current object is a folder.

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