ClamAV: Secure Virus Protection for Your Inbox

Spam emails are not only a nuisance, they also pose a security risk. Viruses, trojans, and worms in their ever-changing forms wait for a user to open the attachment they lurk in, always ready to infect yet another system.

Even if you know and trust the sender of an email, you should remain vigilant. There is a reason that the media continues to report international botnets, spreading via trusted connections.

Most spam or phishing emails are designed in a way that will get the recipient to open the attachment. If you do so and your antivirus software fails to recognize the malware, your machine will be infected.

How can I protect my machine from viruses in email attachments?

The two most powerful antivirus strategies are:

1. Take care!

Do not open attachments of spam emails! Your bank will never send out emails with a typo in their own name, the IRS does not send out new regulations in a PDF file attached to an email. Better be too careful than too lax.

2. Use antivirus software like ClamAV

Infected emails should never reach your inbox but end up in your spam folder. SmartPOP2Exchange keeps your inbox safe: the POP3/IMAP connector comes with an integrated and ready-to-use version of the powerful antivirus software ClamAV, which is always kept up-to-date. Preferring a different antivirus solution? Simply connect it to SmartPOP2Exchange instead.

How does Clam AV work?

ClamAV is a very well-known open source antivirus software used on many servers. With its multithread scans it offers high-performance scans for incoming emails. Recognized threats are processed following the SmartPOP2Exchange rule system. Using an additional antivirus software is recommended to achieve maximum protection.

Screenshot AntiVirus-ClamAV