SpamAssassin in a Box Changelog

What is New in SpamAssassin in a Box?

Version 2.5.1

  • Added new options to configure SSL: Ssl, SslKey, SslCertificate.  
  • Fixed a problem in DNS whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • An error when stopping the SpamD process was fixed.
  • An error when changing the ListenIP or ListenPort settings was fixed.

Changed compatibilities

  • SpamAssassin in a Box now requires .NET Framework 4.8.

22 March 2022

Version 2.5

  • SpamAssassin in a Box v2.5 now only supports 64 bit operating systems.
  • SpamAssassin in a Box now uses a new license management. Starting with version 2.5, new license keys are valid and replace the previously used license keys. The new keys can be found in the customer area.
  • A problem with starting the service has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the "MaxChildren" setting to be reset to its default value when starting the service has been fixed.
  • The SpamAssassin binaries are now digitally signed with the JAM software certificate for MS Authenticode.

New version SpamAssassin v3.4.4. The changes from

  • FromNameSpoof: the default value of the fns_extrachars parameter was increased to 50.
  • nosubject and maxhits tflags now work correctly with sa-compile.
  • Added new subject prefix keyword. This can be used to add a prefix to an email subject if the original email matches a certain rule.
  • New function Util::is_fqdn_valid() to validate the format of hostnames (DNS names) (error 7736). To check if a name contains a valid TLD, it is still necessary to additionally use RegistryBoundaries::is_domain_valid().
  • New OLEVBMacro plugin to detect OLE macro in documents attached to emails, this plugin requires Archive::Zip and IO::String Perl modules to work.
  • Due to the dangerous nature of the sa-update --allowplugins option, a warning is now issued that --reallyallowplugins is required to use it. This is to ensure that all legacy installations and wiki guides, etc. that still use it unnecessarily are fixed.
  • The TxRep and Awl plugins have been modified to be compatible with the latest Postgresql versions. You should update your SQL database with the following command: MySQL: "ALTER TABLE `txrep` CHANGE `count` `msgcount` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';";" "ALTER TABLE `awl` CHANGE `count` `msgcount` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';";" "ALTER TABLE `awl` ADD last_hit timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP;";" PostgreSQL: "ALTER TABLE txrep RENAME COLUMN count TO msgcount;" PostgreSQL: "ALTER TABLE txrep RENAME COLUMN count TO msgcount;" "ALTER TABLE awl RENAME COLUMN count TO msgcount;" "ALTER TABLE awl ADD last_hit timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP;".
  • body_part_scan_size 50000, rawbody_part_scan_size 500000 default values added (error 6582) These allow safer and faster scanning of large emails.
  • All pseudo-headers now return decoded headers, so their usage is consistent with simple header matching (:raw returns undecoded and folded as before).
  • RegistryBoundaries did not load correctly in older versions. The old hardcoded list is now removed and RB prints "no tlds defined, need to run sa-update" unless it can find a list from the configuration files.
  • Deprecated functions: Parser::is_delimited_regexp_valid(), Parser::is_regexp_valid(), Util::regexp_remove_delimiters(), Use::make_qr(). These are all combined into the new Util::compile_regexp() function.
  • DNSEval: adds "check_rbl_headers" to check specific headers in RBL.
  • DNSEval: adds "check_rbl_ns_from" to check against an RBL for DNS servers.
  • HashBL: adds check_hashbl_bodyre, check_hashbl_emails, check_hashbl_uris, hashbl_ignore.
  • ASN: support IPv6 with asn_lookup_ipv6 (bug 7211).
  • sa-update: new --httputil option to force the download program used.
  • Added rules_matching() expression to meta rules.
  • Added tflags domains_only/ips_only to functions.
  • RelayCountry: added new metadata: X-Spam-Country-External (_RELAYCOUNTRYEXT_), X-Spam-Country-Auth (_RELAYCOUNTRYAUTH_), X-Spam-Country-All (_RELAYCOUNTRYAUTH_) - New tflag "nosubject" for "body" rules to stop matching the subject that is part of the body text.

2 September 2021