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Check for Duplicate Files Using the Integrated Duplicate File Search

If multiple or constantly changing users store data on a system, you'll find that files and sometimes even entire file trees have been duplicated over the years. They use up disk space, so removing duplicates is a task that should be performed at regular intervals. But how do you find duplicate files?

Search for duplicate files on various drives

The TreeSize duplicate file search enables you to look for redundant files on your drives, folders, or network shares. You can choose between:

  • Windows file system
  • SharePoint
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
  • Linux/Unix Server using SSH
  • WebDAV

It employs MD5 or SHA256 checksums to safely identify files with identical content. You may also search for duplicate files using a combination of file name, file date and size, which is much faster.


Besides duplicate files, TreeSize Professional can search for folder duplicates. To do so, select "Include folders" in the ribbon bar. TreeSize will show redundant folders just like duplicate files in the list on the right side. To only search for duplicate folders, deselect "Include files" in the ribbons.

Are you looking for unique files, instead? TreeSize can find unique files, i.e. files that only exist once on your drive or server. This comes in handy, for example, when migrating files to another system. With the unique file search, you can check if two folders are exact copies of each other. This works even if they are on technically different systems. To search for unique files, simply select "Unique files" in the "Duplicate Files" ribbon.

Multiple actions to remove duplicate files

In addition, TreeSize enables you to easily delete or archive the found files. TreeSize also allows deduplication of file duplicates without data losses.

It offers a variety of options to select specific files for deletion or deduplication and leave others untouched. Would you e.g. like to delete all but the newest file of each duplicates group or files from a certain path? TreeSize helps you to define a pattern that check-marks all files matching the given criteria. Once check-marked, you can easily move, delete, or archive all duplicate files, using the "Move Items" option.

Automatic and continuous tasks

You can run duplicate searches automatically with the comfortable TreeSize task planner in the Professional Edition, and let you email the results.

Is your task to perform a duplicate search on a regular basis or you have very large file systems? Then try our database-based disk space manager alternative SpaceObServer which is able to collect MD5 checksums and file metadata using a background agent and stores it in a database, from where it can be retrieved in seconds. Besides identical files it can also find similar folder structures.

Get the TreeSize Trial

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