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Enforce Compliance: Find Forbidden Statistics

A large automobile company has to adhere to German law. The law states that statistics concerning sick days may never be created per employee. TreeSize is used to search file servers for files containing such statistics.


1. Compliance officers and a work council create a list of selectors marking forbidden data collections. They search for patterns like "sick days", "sick leave", or *medical leave* to find files containing unwanted lists.

2. The sysadmin uses the patterns to create a custom file search in TreeSize Professional, for example:


TreeSize can search the file names for those patterns as well as in the file content.

3. The file search finds all files with relevant content. A list of files is forwarded to the compliance team, the compliance officers check each file for unwanted content.

4. If desired this search can be scheduled on a weekly base and in case matching files a re found an email with all file path can be sent.