The Powerful Disk Space Management Software

Visualize Disk Space Use With Treemap Charts

TreeSize provides graphical insight into how and where your hard disk, NAS or server space is being used - locally as well as across your network.

In the hierarchical treemap chart, the size of the tiles mirrors the size of the directories they represent. Each folder-tile contains tiles symbolizing subfolders, file types, or files.

All this makes the treemap chart an easy-to-understand visualization of the allocation of disk space and the drive space usage.

Choose your favorite among a range of options:

  • Adjust the level of detail of the information that is shown in the tree map using a slider.
  • Customize whether or not files and file types are shown in the tree map
  • Modify the colors of the treemap chart to fit your preferences.
  • Choose between a flat 2D view and a 3D view that shows the tiles like a cushion.

The TreeSize treemap chart supports Drag&Drop operations.

This is just one among a range of several graphical viewing options that TreeSize offers.