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TreeSize version 7 released: Scan Amazon S3 storage, Linux and Unix servers in addition to Windows and enjoy the optimized user experience!

Even more power and greater comfort for managing your storage space - find out now how the powerful disk space manager family will inspire you:

A selection of highlights

Scan and file search for Amazon S3

TreeSize version 7 now provides access to your data stored in the Amazon S3 cloud object store, lets you scan it and search for specific files. In this way you can easily save costs, as every GB is finally accounted for here.

TreeSize scannt die Daten auf Amazon S3.

Scan and file search on Unix/Linux servers

The SSH protocol can be used in the new released version to access Linux or Unix servers. This enables a system-wide and uniform reporting and management of storage space with TreeSize.

Management of store space on Linux, Unix servers with SSH protocol.

More transparency of your data

Using the context menu in the corresponding tabs in the main module, you can display file types and intervals of statistics about the file age in the "Details" list as columns. They can also be included in reports in Excel, PDF, HTML or text format. In this way, individual file types or age categories can be easily tracked across the entire directory hierarchy.

More details for data

Columns as in Windows Explorer

All columns and information supported by Windows Explorer can be displayed in the new TreeSize file search and exported in various formats: For example, the width and height of images, the number of pages of Word documents or the tags of JPG and Office files are now available as columns.

Information on the files as in Windows Explorer.

File search based on your needs

You can use the existing file type groups such as "Video Files" or "Office Files" as search criteria in the file search. These groups can now be edited in the file search settings.

Customizable search.

Multiple user-defined searches

In the new version, the powerful disk space manager saves not only your storage resources, but also your time - by enabling multiple user-defined searches at the same time. These can be activated and deactivated individually.

More options for "Top 100 Files"

The number of files in the Top 100 list is now configurable. In addition, you can now select whether the size or the used space should be used as a reference variable.

New: Changed compatibility

Time is moving on - also for TreeSize. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are therefore no longer supported. There you have:

  • We still support Windows Vista and Server 2008 and above.
  • The required Net Framework 4.5 (or higher) will be installed automatically on demand.

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