Exchange Server Toolbox

Anti-Spam & -Virus, Backup and Rules Engine for the Exchange Server

Backup Overloads the Exchange Server

Many organizations do not use an external email backup solution - instead, the company's own Exchange Server is loaded to the maximum. In the worst case, employees will switch to manual archiving. This in turn is often in conflict with the GoBD.

As a result, the Exchange Server requires more resources, slows down, and your employees waste valuable time.

Exchange Server Toolbox offers solutions!

Relieve the Exchange Server With Databases

Archiving is done either in a database independent of the Exchange Server or database-supported in the file system (e.g. in a NAS). An external, lean MSSQL database is more cost-efficient and faster than an Exchange Server running under maximum load.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is cheap! Network Attached Storage is also fail-safe and easy to maintain. Thanks to the Outlook add-in, employees can search the email archive directly from Outlook and do not have to be integrated into other interfaces.

Use Standard Format (RFC822)

Rule system and file system archiving use the standard e-mail format (EML/RFC822). This saves time and resources by eliminating unnecessary conversion processes. Third-party systems also receive read access to all emails - without the need for expensive implementations for data transfer.

Do Not Accept Spam In the First Place

Keep your email archive spam-free with Exchange Server Toolbox and integrated SpamAssassin. Starting with Exchange Server 2007, your server rejects spam mails. This is the only way to ensure that spam does not have to be archived! This has two advantages:

  • Your archive is not unnecessarily bloated.
  • Emails wrongly identified as spam are not considered delivered - so neither an invoice nor important business correspondence remains unnoticed in the spam filter.

Automate Processes and Save Time

Another advantage of Exchange Server Toolbox: automated email processing saves time. A sophisticated rule system processes emails according to criteria you specify. The email archive is automatically created and meets the requirements of the GoBD (formerly GDPdU).

Spam Protection, Email Archive, Rule System: Everything From a Single Source

While other providers offer various individual products, Exchange Server Toolbox is a cost-effective complete system. Simply install and all functions are immediately available.

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