ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Emulate the Address Bar of the Windows Explorer

Add an editable combo box with the TJamShellCombo

The TJamShellCombo component helps you add an editable combo box closely resembling the classic Windows Explorer address bar to your application. It shows the currently selected folder.


You can configure the locations shown in the integrated dropdown list. The auto completion mode enables users to type directly into the box and quickly select a list item.

Adding a combo box to your explorer is easy: drop the Delphi component on a form and let the ShellBrowser Components do the work.

If you want to synchronize the TJamShellCombo with other controls, simply assign its ShellLink property to a TJamShellLink connected to the other control. There are several properties to control which items should be shown in the drop-down list enabling you to e.g. filter hidden folders or the recycle bin.

The TJamShellCombo is derived from the TComboBoxEx control and supports all the features that come with this Delphi control.

The TJamShellBreadCrumbBar Delphi component is another way to ensure easy navigation.

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Display folders and drives in your combo box with the TJamFolderCombo

The TJamFolderCombo Delphi component enables you to include folders and drives and their associated icons in a combo box created with the TJamShellCombo component.


Use the IncludeDrives property to show all available drives in the combo box and the AddFolder method to add a new folder to the combo box.

The disk space management software TreeSize Professional uses the TJamFolderCombo component to easily integrate drives and folders in the combo boxes.

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