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Show thumbnails in your Explorer application

In the Windows Explorer, images in files or folders are presented as thumbnails even before they are opened. With the help of the TJamThumbnailImage Delphi component you incorporate this feature into your application.

Easily incorporate thumbnail image view into your application.

The image is extracted by using the same API calls as the Windows Explorer. Thus, your Delphi application will look and behave just like the Explorer and any installed Shell Extensions will be used automatically.

With the help of this Delphi VCL component you can control the displayed thumbnail by changing the Path property to a file or folder path. Alternatively you can simply synchronize it to a TJamShellList or a TJamShellTree by using the ShellLink component. The size of the thumbnail image will be adjusted automatically to fit the current size of the control.

To preview other file types (such as PDFs, XLSX or DOCX files), simply use the TJamShellFilePreview component.

The well-known disk space management software TreeSize Professional employs the TjamThumbnailImage Delphi component to show thumbnails in its file search.

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