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Emulate the Windows Explorer address bar with the ShellComboBox component

The ShellComboBox component is an editable combo box resembling the address bar known from the Windows Explorer, showing the currently selected folder.



A configurable set of locations can be reached quickly via the integrated dropdown list. Via the edit and auto completion mode the user can select a path by typing directly into the control.

Adding an explorer-like address bar to your application does not have to be difficult: simply drop the ShellComboBox on a form, the Visual Studio component will do all the work.

If you want to synchronize the ShellComboBox component with other controls, simply assign its ShellControlConnector property to a corresponding ShellControlConnector. Several properties control which items will be shown in the drop-down list, enabling you to easily filter out hidden folders or the Recycle bin.

This control is derived from the ComboBox control and supports all the features that come with this .NET control. You need an entire Windows Explorer? In this case test the ExplorerBrowser .NET component.

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