SmartPOP2Exchange Changelog

What is New in SmartPOP2Exchange?

Version 8.6

  • Updated version of ClamAV: ClamAv v101.2.
  • The program interface could freeze under certain cirucumstances. This is now fixed.
  • Added a new option to exclude certain header fields in catch-all shipping.
  • A new configuration option for collective accounts now allows to exclude specific recipient addresses.
  • The actions "Forward copy to ..." and "Send a copy to ..." have been added to the SMTP error actions.
  • Folders in the backup can now be moved to a configurable folder automatically after automatic packing.
  • In some cases an e-mail to collection accounts has been sent twice. This is now fixed.
  • The autoreply action now always uses the correct sender.
  • SmartPOP2Exchange now requires .NET v4.7.2. The installation may require a reboot of the system.

24 July 2019