How to use SpaceObServer in your company

SpaceObServer is a database-centered disk space manager that helps scanning a server continuously and visualizing size growth. SpaceObServer shows its full potential when observing comprehensive server landscapes in big companies. However, setting up SpaceObServer in a company might sound tricky. We show how it's done easily.

Install SpaceObServer in your company

With SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition, we offer a practical solution for nearly any server landscape in your company. SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition can scan various servers via the network simultaneously. Doing so, SpaceObServer allows you to...

  • Scan Windows-Server,
  • Keep an eye on your Amazon S3 Cloud Storage,
  • Check your Linux/Unix Server using SSH,
  • Observe SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premise.
  • Analyze in-boxes of your Exchange Server.

All your SpaceObServer instances can use the same central database. We suggest to use a separate database server for the best performance. This allows you to access every SpaceObServer instance from any instance you want - as long as the corresponding access configuration and database permissions are met.


Setting up a scan server

First, you need to set up a dedicated scan server with a SpaceObServer Enterprise installation. For that you can use a normal Windows Server as well as a virtual machine.

The scan server can scan an indefinite amount of servers via the network. When you are using average-sized servers, we suggest you to scan 3 to 5 servers per SpaceObServer instance.

Setting up access to scan results

Once your regular scan is set up, SpaceObServer allows you to set up individual access to the scan results for the different departments in your company. We support you with practical solutions depending on your use case:

Try SpaceObServer for free on your own system

SpaceObServer is your tool when it comes to observing databases in your company. However, we believe you should always try out software yourself to see if it fits for you. That's why we offer a 30-days trial version of SpaceObServer. Why not check it out?

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SpaceObServer Standard Edition

Scan servers locally or via network
Scanning several servers at once
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SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition

Scan servers locally or via network
Scanning several servers at once
Exchange Server Scan
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