SpaceObServer Web Access

Accessing SpaceObServer Scan Results via Your Web Browser

Access Scan Results via Your Browser

SpaceObServer scans hard disks and servers and stores all scan results to a database. With the smart add-on Web Access end users can access these scans in a web browser - without installing additional software on their computers.

No Need to Install Additional Software
The add-on provides scan results in a web browser. All the user has to do is open a specific URL and log in with his or her Windows credentials.
Meaningful Visualizations
The SpaceObServer Web Access connects to the SQL database and provides scan data in easy to understand analyses.
Role system in compliance with data protection regulations
Define which access rules apply for your colleagues and adapt them immediately when changes occur.

Visual Tour

Main window: Important information at one glance

Smart visualization via pie chart or bar chart.

History: Development of disk space usage over time

Differentiated access rights: More comfort for data consistency


SpaceObServer Web Access is an add-on of the database-based server space manager SpaceObServer that supports all current Windows Server versions starting with Windows 7 and Server 2012, the required Net Framework 4.7.2 (or higher) will be installed automatically if required.  

More Information and Documents

Important and valuable information about SpaceObServer Web Access, be it license  information, maintenance questions or technical specifications.