SpaceObServer Web Access Changelog

What is New in SpaceObServer Web Access?

Version 2.3


  • Web Access now requires at least .NET 4.7.2.


  • Scans can now be started via the context menu. To do this, the logged-in user must have the appropriate authorizations. The role system handles the authorization to start scans.
  • In the directory tree, bars now show the ratio of the values of files and folders to the root element.
  • In the setup you can now choose the https protocol.


  • The directory tree now has a button for opening the context menu.
  • The appearance of some GUI windows has been unified.
  • If authorizations of roles are changed in the administrator backend, these are effective after the main application has been updated (F5 key). A new login is no longer necessary.
  • If the directory tree is sorted by size or name then the tables will be sorted accordingly.
  • The load times of some steps in the setup have been improved.
  • Changes to the web page settings via the IIS Manager are now displayed correctly in the installation dialog.
  • JavaScript errors are now logged and can be sent to the developer as an error report.
  • Minor improvements in the application and online help.


  • The application runs now with the application pool user rights. During the update or a new installation, the setup sets appropriate system and folder permissions. This makes it easier to set up Windows authentication with the SQL database.
  • The trouble-shoot document has been transferred from the online help to the knowledge base and translated into German. This facilitates finding instructions for known errors.
  • The indication when a scan last ran is now displayed in the overview panel.


  • In the 'Distribution' tab, the graph did not always take up all available space. This has been fixed.
  • The scans are sorted alphabetically in the drop-down list now.
  • Sometimes the last scan time was incorrectly specified for a scan. This has been fixed.
  • In the details the column 'Annotation' could not be sorted. This has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

30 September 2019