SpaceObServer Web Access Changelog

What is New in SpaceObServer Web Access?

Version 2.4

New Features

  • The overview window now shows the live status of scans. For update scans, the current scan progress is displayed.
  • Duplicates can now be filtered out of the list by size. See the knowledge base entry.
  • Users can now use the button 'Clear Caches' to reset user-specific settings to default settings.


  • The user interface has been extensively revised.
  • In the tab 'Details' the loading of data has been accelerated considerably.
  • In tables and in the directory tree, double-clicking now triggers the expansion of elements.
  • In the table 'Details' it is now possible to navigate through the folder levels by double-clicking and pressing a button.
  • In the administrator area in the list of roles the members are now loaded and displayed.
  • In the Windows Start Menu there is now an entry for changing the installation key.
  • If a new installation key has been entered, it is immediately valid. The application pool no longer needs to be restarted.
  • The structure of tables and charts appears much more smooth. This is particularly noticeable when changing the window size.
  • In the tables 'Extensions' and 'Duplicates', the expanded rows are separated from the rows below by color.
  • If an activated table column causes long loading times, the user will be informed and has the possibility to deactivate the affected columns.
  • Minor improvements in the user navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Similar to SpaceObServer the overview window now not only shows the data of a container but also the data of the scans directly below it.
  • In the administrator area in the tab 'Licenses' the date was displayed incorrectly under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
  • When activating and deactivating the filter in the table 'Extensions' a server error could occur. This error is fixed now.

12 March 2020