Visual Tour

Main Program

Main Window

In the main window you will find a tree view of all accessible scanned folders (left) as well as detailed information regarding the selected tree elements (right).

Pie Chart

The pie chart visualizes the allocation of disk space. Users can switch between 2D and 3D view.

Bar Chart

Screenshot shows barchart diagram in SpaceObServer Web Access

An alternative graphical presentation to quickly get good insights of the disk usage is the bar chart.


The history chart presents the development of disk space usage over time. Increases and decreases in size can be shown for each subfolder separately - simply select a folder in the left window.

Details View

Select the details view to find information regarding files and folders, such as

  • size
  • occupied disk space
  • allocated disk space in parent folder (%)
  • number of files


File Extensions

The extensions view groups disk space usage according to file types.


The users view provides insight into the disk space usage per user.

Top 100 Files

The Top 100 view shows the 100 largest files in a scanned folder or on a scanned disk. It comes in handy if disk space runs low and users want to clean up disk space fast.


Users can check or uncheck single folders and/or their subfolders in the Web Access Interface. Admins can access each user's checkstates and save them to/load them from the database. This way, users can, for instance, mark folders to be moved or archived.

Duplicate Files

See duplicate files and reclaim server space by deduplicating them.