SpamAssassin in a Box

Anti-spam as a Windows System Service

SpamAssassin is a world-famous open source spam filter. This software offers great spam protection, but there is one drawback: SpamAssassin does not run on Windows systems without external help. SpamAssassin in a Box solves this problem! The software combines a fully configured SpamAssassin with a Windows system service.

This embedding improves Windows compatibility and ensures easy handling. SpamAssassin in a Box can, for example, be started or closed with the disk operating system.

All advantages:

  • You can control SpamAssassin via the Windows service options.
  • Profit from improvements in stability, resources and signal handling.
  • The system service monitors all spam filter activities and restarts the application if errors or exceptions occur.
  • Anti-spam rules are updated automatically.
  • New, improved rules have been added.

You can easily connect SpamAssassin in a Box to your existing MTA (e.g. mailEnable). Since Microsoft Exchange Server has no direct interface for SpamAssassin, we recommend our Exchange Server Toolbox for using SpamAssassin with a Microsoft Exchange Server. SpamAssassin is already included in our Exchange Server Toolbox.

The system service at work

The SpamAssassin Daemon (SpamD) is installed as a Windows system service. It is activated on system startup - no manual initialization needed.

The Windows service makes sure SpamAssassin runs smoothly. Should the application crash, the service will restart it automatically.