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Enforce Compliance: Find Forbidden Files on the Company Server

Employees of an advertising agency used the company server to store and share illegal copies of movies and TV series. After the administrator stumbled upon the cache, new official policies were instated: Permission to store video files in user profiles has to be granted explicitly.


1. To ensure that no video files are stored in user profiles, the system administrator lets TreeSize search for known file types and keywords collected from titles of popular movies or series, e.g. “Avengers”, “Jurassic”, “Big Bang”, “Thrones” etc. The search is executed at the end of each working day.  

2. If the search finds video files, the administrator is informed via email, otherwise no email is sent. The email lists the path of the matching files.

3. The sysadmin checks the profile for forbidden files and informs the compliance officer or the employee‘s superior.