Create User and File Statistics

Who uses the most disk space on your machine? Which file types hog hard disk space? TreeSize can create a detailed user and file statistics to answer these kinds of questions.

As there usually exists lots of different file types on a volume, TreeSize can sot them in groups like "Audio files" or "Office files".

The user or file statistics can be drilled down easily: simply choose the "Users" or "Extensions" tab and double click on the user or file type you want to filter files by. The directory tree on the left will now be filtered according to the parameter you set. It will quickly tell you in which folders the user's files or files of the type you chose occupy disk space.

TreeSize can also compile a list of all files of a certain type or owner by using the right click menu.

Use TreeSize to break down each scan to the data you require. Our video shows you how:

You want to drill down your statistics even deeper? You need to know exactly how many files of a certain type an account contains? Try out SpaceObServer, our database based disk space manager!