TreeSize Free Changelog

What is New in TreeSize Free?

Version 4.6.2

  • The previous Microsoft Store version of TreeSize Free is no longer available. Future releases from this version on will be published in a new project, which can be found in the Microsoft Store as usual. Please note that the old version will not be uninstalled automatically.
  • The set sort order is now saved even without activated detail columns and restored at program start.
  • Updating from V4.5.3 to V4.6.1 resulted in an incorrect entry in the list of installed apps in Windows. This has been fixed.

30 November 2022

Version 4.6

  • With TreeSize Free, individual PDF reports can now be created. The columns are exported as they are displayed in the Details list.
  • The columns of the Details list can now be activated and deactivated via a new dropdown menu in the “View” tab.
  • A new drop-down menu in the “View” tab offers a wider range of sorting options for the Details list.
  • TreeSize Free is now provided as a 64-bit application. This avoids rare compatibility problems under 64-bit operating systems, and the usable memory is no longer a limit for scanning very large file systems. If you still have a 32-bit Windows operating system, please continue to use V4.5.   
  • The dialogue for adding scan filters has been renewed. The new dialogue is more user-friendly and offers additional functions for combining filters.
  • The export and print options can now also be adjusted in the “Scan” tab.
  • TreeSize Free is now also available in other languages: Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Danish.
  • A bug that throws an exception when opening the error list when the dark mode is active has been fixed.
  • Fixed an error when compressing multiple files at the same time.

22 August 2022