TreeSize Free

Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Disk Space Management Tools Put to the Test

Your hard disk is full, there's no free disk space left - time to clean up your hard drive! But which tool do you choose? Is TreeSize Free sufficient or should you get the Professional Edition? And why is TreeSize an alternative to WinDirStat?

Let's take a look at the features:

TreeSize Free is a powerful freeware offering you a fast and compact overview over the disk space usage on your system.

Start TreeSize Free as an administrator and see the size of all directories - even those you don't have access to! The files'content is never read, so Windows security and user privacy are protected.

TreeSize is a great alternative to WinDirStat: decide via the right-click-menu whether a folder shall be refreshed, scanned, ignored once, or excluded from any further scans. TreeSize Free shows NTFS-compression rates and enables you to apply NTFS-compression to folders with a single click.

Print your scan reports with TreeSize Free or save them via a PDF-printing function. You need to export your scan results? In this case we recommend TreeSize Professional: print detailed reports and diagrams or export them to different formats such as MS Excel.

TreeSize Professional offers additional features helping you find the space hogs, such as graphical visualization of hard disk usage, a versatile file search, a duplicate search and full NTFS support.


(Effective April 2019)