Export Your Scan Results To Various Formats

  • Export scan results to Excel, CSV, HTML, XML and more
  • Create custom PDF reports
  • Create scheduled reports

Export scan results and create reports

TreeSize lets you create reports about storage space usage: it offers a variety of formats for reports and exporting your scan results for further processing.

Versatile export formats

TreeSize Professional offers many export functions for your reporting:

  • PDF reports: Automatically generate detailed, well-organized PDF reports with charts and graphs ideal for management presentations. These reports provide a comprehensive view of storage usage in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Excel Integration: Export scan results directly to Excel without reformatting. This includes automatic column formatting and the ability to use results in formulas, improving productivity and analysis. For non-Excel environments, TreeSize provides CSV exports as well.
  • Email reports: Easily email scan reports directly from TreeSize, supporting both HTML and text formats. This eliminates additional steps and streamlines the reporting process.
  • Comparative Analysis: Use XML format to store scan results for easy comparison over time to monitor directory growth and for automated post-processing.
  • HTML and text files: Publish reports to an internal web server with HTML exports for a dynamic, interactive view of your data. Alternatively, choose tabular text files for simplicity when HTML or PDF are not feasible.
  • Clipboard integration: Easily copy scan results or graphs to the clipboard for quick insertion into documents, emails or other programs, increasing flexibility in data sharing and presentation.

Scheduled scans and exports

Did you know? You can also automate your disk space monitoring by scheduling scans and exports as Windows tasks.

This ensures regular updates without manual intervention, providing a hassle-free way to stay on top of your disk space. Try it now!