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TreeSize Personalv7.0Disk Space Usage Analysis and Management

Visualize disk space use with tree maps

TreeSize provides graphical insight into how and where your hard disk, NAS or server space is being used - locally as well as across your network.

In the hierarchical tree map, the size of the tiles mirrors the size of the directories they represent. Each folder-tile contains tiles symbolizing subfolders, files, and file types.

A folder's subfolders are displayed in 2D or 3D view, handing you an easy to understand tool to comprehend the allocation of disk space and the drive space usage.

If possible, TreeSize will also show the S.M.A.R.T. values, offering valuable information regarding hard disk health. You want to monitor your hard disks continuously? In this case we recommend ServerSentinel and its highly specialized S.M.A.R.T. sensor.

Choose your favorite among a range of viewing options (pie chart, bar graph, cushion tree map etc.) and even modify the tree map colors to fit your preferences.


The TreeSize tree map supports Drag&Drop operations.

You need to keep track of drive space growth or monitor disk space usage over a period of time? Try out SpaceObServer, our database based disk space manager.

Looking for disk space management for Mac? There's no TreeSize for OSX yet, but some other apps might help you. Learn more.

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