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UltraSearchv2.3Freeware for Ultra-Fast File Search

Version 2.3 : (28 Feb 2019)


New Features

UltraSearch is now also available in French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Other languages will follow.

The search for file content can now be started with several search terms at the same time. The syntax {search-word1; search-word2; search-word3} makes it possible to find files containing all of the given words.



It is now possible to start UltraSearch in a compact view with some of the optional user interface controls hidden.

The search for file groups during the MFT enumeration is accelerated considerably.

UltraSearch now scales better on high DPI resolution monitors.

The option to reset the drive list has been renamed to "Reset to default".



The application did not respond to user input in some cases. This issue has been resolved.

An error while updating the MFT index has been fixed.

The stability of the 32-bit version of UltraSearch has been improved significantly.

Searching non-writable drives works again.

Renaming files did not work in some cases. This issue has been resolved.

The creation of context menu entries under Windows 7 now works again.

An error while searching Bitlocker encrypted drives has been fixed.

Unpinned drives were marked incorrectly as "Pinned" in the drive list. This issue has been resolved.

The context menu entry "Open File Location" now works again in case that UltraSearch was started in another user context.

Version 2.2 : (06 Nov 2018)


New Features

The file content is now displayed in a preview window on the right.

Paths and drives can now be pinned to the drive list.

A new button to stop the current search has been added.

The language can now be changed via the user interface at "View> Language".

The user interface now offers a "Delete" button which can be used to remove all entered search criteria.

An option to use regular expressions has been added.

The option "Ignore Umlauts/Accents" lets you specify whether umlauts and accents shall be included in the search.

A new option lets you decide whether to include results in subfolders or not.

The search history can now be deleted.

The font size of the result list can now be set in the options.

An option to select all drives has been added to the context menu of the drive list.

The user will now be notified via a notification windows when the current search is complete.

Bitlocker encrypted drives are now supported.

The TreeSize file search can now be started via "Advanced Search" (if installed).



The enumeration of the Master File Table (MFT) has been accelerated.

The drive list has been revised. Drives can be selected or deselected faster via additional checkboxes.

In many cases the search results are already displayed while the MFT is being read.

If the option "Start with Windows" is activated the user account control is no longer displayed when UltraSearch is started

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.



The message "Network drives not are supported" was displayed incorrectly in some cases.

Sorting the "File Version" column now works correctly.

The drive information in the drive list was not updated correctly. This issue has been resolved.

An error during the update or uninstallation while the application was running has been fixed.

Further small bugfixes and improvements.

Version 2.1.2 : (19 Jul 2016)

The drive list can also be expanded via right-click now.

Bugfix: It is now easier to see that the drive list can be expanded.

Bugfix: Searches on virtual hard disks resulted in an error in some cases. This problem has been solved.

Bugfix: A minor problem occurring when minimizing UltraSearch to the system tray via shortcut has been fixed.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 2.1.1 : (01 Jul 2016)

Bugfix: An error occurring while starting UltraSearch has been fixed.

Bugfix: The option 'Always sort results' was not recognized after a program restart. This problem has been solved.

Bugfix: In some cases starting UltraSearch via command line parameters yielded wrong results. This issue has been fixed.

Bugfix: The values of the 'File version' column were not calculated until a row was selected. This error has been resolved.

Bugfix: Some settings were reverted during a program update. This is no longer the case.

The icons of the exclude filter and the file groups have been updated.


Version 2.1 : (20 Jun 2016)

UltraSearch now supports searching for file content.

The drive list has been completely redesigned. It has been moved from the bottom of the result list to its top.

Use the new drive list to search in single folders or entire drives.

The new 'File type selection' enables the user to search for specific file groups or file types (e.g. 'Office Files', 'Video Files'). The file groups can be configured via 'Search > File Groups...'.

UltraSearch now supports command line parameters, which can be used to start UltraSearch with specific search parameters.

The icons have been revised to fit the style of Windows 10.

The search results are now displayed even faster.

The option 'Autocomplete Patterns' has been replaced by the option 'Suggest Patterns'. This option displays a dropdown list beneath the search field containing one or more suggested patterns based on the recently used search patterns.

The automatic update of the MFT-Index in the systems RAM can now be deactivated via 'Options > Include file system changes'.

A progress dialog is now displayed during the export of large result lists.

A new menu entry with information about an advanced search with TreeSize (search network drives, search for duplicate files and much more) has been added.

The menu entry 'Options Toolbar' has been renamed to 'Toolbars'. The submenu entry 'Show' is now called 'Options Toolbar'.

The advertising banner has been removed.

Bugfix: A bug concerning the sorting order of search results during a search has been fixed.

Bugfix: If the option 'Skip User Account Control Warning' was activated and the program had been renamed or moved to another folder, UltraSearch did not start. This bug has been fixed.

Bugfix: Searching for file paths ending with a dot produced wrong results. This problem has been resolved.

Bugfix: In some cases the exclude filter excluded the wrong files. This issue has been fixed.

Bugfix: The preview of the excluded files in the exclude filter now also displays the exclusion of hidden files.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes and improvements have been implemented.


Version 2.0.3 : (23 Mar 2015)

The search speed has been increased for specific search patterns.

The file author is now set when exporting the search results to an Excel file.

Bugfix: UltraSearch crashed occasionally when a removable drive was removed. This error has been fixed.

Bugfix: An error occurring while reading the MFT (Master File Table) on some drives has been fixed.

Bugfix: The progress bar was not displayed in some cases. This issue has been fixed.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 2.0.2 : (02 Mar 2015)

Added support for hard drives with a sector size of 4K.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 2.0.1 : (12 Feb 2015)

When opening a file or folder via 'Open Containing Folder' the file selected in UltraSearch will also be selected in the Windows Explorer.

Bugfix: An error occurring while reading the MFT (Master File Table) on some drives has been fixed.

Bugfix: File system changes caused errors in some cases. This issue has been fixed.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 2.0 : (18 Dec 2014)

A completely redesigned scanning mechanism for reading the MFT (Master File Table) has been implemented.

A new search algorithm for faster searches has been implemented.

The memory usage has been greatly reduced.

The speed of sorting the search results has been greatly increased.

The new scanning mechanism now always detects NTFS hardlinks. The option to enable/disable NTFS hardlinks has been removed.

A new options toolbar has been added, enabling the user to quickly switch between file search and folder search and to de-/activate the exclude filter.

A new button was added next to the search input field, enabling the user to browse for a folder to search in.

An option to hide and reset the options toolbar was added.

The 'Auto Sort' option was renamed to 'Always Sort Results'.

The option 'Always Sort Results' will now be taken into account even after a restart of UltraSearch.

Pressing the F3 key now focuses the search pattern and allows the user to instantly enter a new search pattern.

The order of columns in the drive list can now be changed via Drag&Drop.

Scrolling through the recently used search patterns has been disabled.

The number of recently used search patterns has been limited to 15.

Icons have been added to the menus.

Bugfix: Refreshing the search during an ongoing search causes missing search results in some cases. This bug has been fixed.

Bugfix: When starting UltraSearch via context menu the search input field is now selected correctly so that the user can immediately specify a search pattern.

Bugfix: The option 'Autocomplete Patterns' now works properly.

Bugfix: Disabled columns are now memorized after a restart of UltraSearch.

Bugfix: File system changes are now detected corretly.

Bugfix: A bug which caused UltraSearch to crash during a search in rare cases has been fixed.

Bugfix: Numerous other enhancements and bugfixes have been incorporated.


Version 1.8.1 : (07 Oct 2013)

Fixed 'Duplicates are not allowed' error on UltraSearch startup.

Fixed access violations during search.

Fixed 'Cannot focus disabled or invisible window' error when opening the exclude filter.

When UltraSearch was started via the context menu, an additional blank was added to the search pattern erroneously. This is no longer the case.

The advert banner is no longer displayed, if TreeSize Professional or Personal is installed.

The settings of the portable version are now saved correctly.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 1.8 : (06 Aug 2013)

64bit: UltraSearch is now also available as a native 64-bit application. When searching a very large drive, usable memory will no longer pose a restriction.

Recently Used List: The 100 recently used search patterns can now be saved and selected from a dropdown list.

Suggestion feature: If desired, all recently used search patterns matching the pattern you are currently typing can be displayed in a dropdown list and selected directly.

Autocomplete feature: If desired, the pattern you are currently typing in the search input field can automatically be completed if it matches one of the recently used search patterns.

Skip User account control warning: The User account control warning at the start of UltraSearch can now be skipped.

Enhanced context menu: UltraSearch can now be started easily via the Windows Explorer context menu.

Enhanced Time/Date values: The time and date values of the columns 'Last Change', 'Last Access', and 'Creation Date' can now be adjusted more precisely.

Reworked menu structure: A new menu entry 'Search' containing all search-specific options has been added to the menu bar.

New context menu entry 'Copy Full Path to Clipboard': Copying the full path of the selected search results to the clipboard by using the context menu of the search result list is now possible.

New File version column: A new column 'File version' is now available. It displays the file version of EXE-files, DLL-files, SYS-files, MUI-files and many other file types.

Bugfix: Fixed bugs in the Excel Export component.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 1.7.1 : (25 Oct 2012)

Bugfix: The message 'You launched UltraSearch under restricted user account. Please restart UltraSearch with Administrator privileges' was erroneously displayed in some cases.

Bugfix: Fixed error 'Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window' on UltraSearch startup.

Bugfix: In some cases the drive list did not contain any items when UltraSearch was started via the option 'Launch at Windows Startup'.

Bugfix: A few other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 1.7 : (09 Oct 2012)

A new Enumerator allowing UltraSearch to find NTFS hardlinks has been implemented. UltraSearch is now able to find all files on a hard drive. The search for NTFS hardlinks can be activated in the 'Options' menu.

Regular expressions are now supported. Hint: to perform a search using a Regular expression, the search pattern must be enclosed with / (/Pattern/).

A live update of the internal index has been realized: The index does not have to be refreshed when adding or deleting files on the system.

The exclude filter has been replaced by the pattern manager of TreeSize Free V2.7. Exclude patterns can now be defined more precisely.

A new option 'Launch at Windows startup' has been added: UltraSearch starts after Windows startup in the system tray.

A new option 'Desktop Shortcut' has been added. The created shortcut allows you start UltraSearch without the UAC prompt (Windows Vista or later versions).

A new option 'Context Menu Entry' has been added which can be used to create UltraSearch entries in the context menu of folders and drives, making it easy to search them.

Search results can now be sorted according to specific criteria ('name', 'path', 'size' etc.) via the new menu item 'sort by'.

A new column 'hardlinks' has been added which provides information regarding the number of hardlinks to a file.

The new command line parameters / MINIMIZED and / TRAY can be used to start UltraSearch minimized in the taskbar or in the system tray.

A new option 'Update Results' (F5) has been added.

The progress bar now shows the progress while creating the index.

Memory usage has been reduced, various search speed improvements have been implemented.

When using the exclude filter the number of excluded files and folders is now displayed in the status bar.

The search input field has been enlarged; it now adapts itself automatically to the size of the Ultra Search window.

When searching for a full path the related drive will now be selected automatically.

The user interface is now displayed properly on the scale of 125 % or 150 %.

The Excel export function has been updated

Setup: A new option has been added which can be used to create UltraSearch entries in the context menu of folders.

Setup: A new option, 'Launch UltraSearch on Windows startup’ has been added to the setup.

Bugfix: The portable version of UltraSearch no longer creates an empty folder in the user directory.

Bugfix: The user now receives a message if UltraSearch was not started with administrator rights.

Bugfix: An error in the CSV export function has been fixed (an incorrect list separator was used).

Bugfix: Using a combined search (full path and filename) now displays the correct results.

Bugfix: The flickering appearing when resizing the UltraSearch window has been reduced.

Bugfix: The search input field is now focused on UltraSearch startup; a search can be entered immediately without an additional mouse click.

Bugfix: The window position of UltraSearch is now saved when Ultra Search is closed via the icon in the system tray.

Bugfix: In some cases the UAC started minimized. This error has been fixed.

Bugfix: Numerous other bugfixes have been implemented.


Version 1.6.1 : (09 Jan 2012)

Fixed a bug on system shutdown.

Bugfix: Some context menu entries were missing after the installation.

Bugfix: All context menu entries of UltraSearch will now be removed when uninstalling.

Bugfix: A few minor bugfixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 1.6 : (25 Nov 2011)

UltraSearch has been added to the Explorer context menu to search in the selected folder.

With the new options "Include Folders" and "Include Files" you can now decide if you want to search for files, directories or both.

It is now possible to toggle UltraSearch minimization via a customizable shortcut ("Options > UltraSearch Keyboard Shortcut").

Improved search: If multiple drives are checked, results are shown immediately after the search of the first drive is done.

Introduced new option "Autosort" to "View" menu to sort the results of a new search automatically by the previously selected sorting criteria.

Added option to minimize UltraSearch when opening a folder in the search result list via double click.

UltraSearch now supports Hotkey Ctrl+A to select all drives in the drivelist if it is focused.

A new option in the drivelist context menu allows the user to check all drives in the list.

Newly added drives can be checked by default via an option in the "Options" menu.

Improved sorting results: Files and folders are no longer mixed up when sorting by name.

The advertisement for TreeSize Professional is no longer shown if it is installed on the system.

Fixed UAC dialog popup if you start UltraSearch when it is already running in system tray.


Version 1.5 : (18 Aug 2011)

An option to show/hide the drives panel to the menu "View" has been added.

It is now possible to minimize UltraSearch in the background as system tray icon.

The search performance has been increased.

UltraSearch now brings an already running instance to the foreground, if a second instance is started.

A treatment for the special search pattern "*." has been implemented, so that files with no file extension are returned now.

You can now press the "Shift" key while deleting folders or files to remove them directly from the drive instead of moving them to the recycle bin.

If an USB flash drive is removed from the system, it is now also removed from the drive list.

The hints have been improved.

It is now possible to rename files or folders within the search result list.

The number of files on the system which can be handled by UltraSearch has been increased to a value of 12.5 million.

UltraSearch now refreshes its internal index automatically in the background from time to time.

UltraSearch shows the number of selected files and folders in the status bar, if more than one file or folder is selected in the result list.

Some of the hints are now shown in a tool tip manner.

Added "Copy full Path to Clipboard" to context menu of the result list.

Bugfix: In some cases the search in UltraSearch came to a state where UltraSearch did nothing but showed "Searching ...".

Bugfix: After denying to delete an item on the result list, the item vanished from the view until the index was refreshed.

Bugfix: In some cases the refreshing of the index using F5 led to missing results or to not showing any visual effects.

Bugfix: Refreshing of the index multiple times doesn't lead to an increasing delay in displaying the results now.

Bugfix: The unchecking of a drive if it is actually examined leads to a stop of the examination immediately now.

Bugfix:UltraSearch had left a handle open to an external drive.

Bugfix: In some cases the exclude filter seemed to be active although it was unchecked.

Bugfix: For some system files in the column "Path" were shown their names.


Version 1.4.1 : (04 Oct 2010)

Increased performance if the exclude filter is active.

Increased performance when sorting by name.

Bugfix: A few minor bugfixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 1.4 : (22 Sep 2010)

Supports now search for folders, too.

Added exclude filter including predefined filters.

Introduced main menu bar (file, edit, search, view and help).

It is now possible to determine the size unit used to display the file sizes.

The result list can now be saved in HTML and RTF format by choosing the appropriate format in the "Save" dialog.

Added support for disabling/enabling time values in date columns.

Added columns attributes, creation date and file type.

Removable drives are now supported (e.g. flash drives).

Added check for update function.

Introduced status bar to display main menu hint text on mouse over event.

Bugfix: If a drive was disabled after a search was started it could happen that no search results were displayed.

Bugfix: If the search result list consisted only of a few items and a double click was performed below the last item then the last selected entry was executed.

Bugfix: Status bar changed position with drive list after application restart.

Bugfix: In some cases an error occurred if a file of a recycle bin was deleted.

Windows 2000 is no longer supported.


Version 1.3 Beta : (03 May 2010)

Added search pattern to search for an exact match: Put the requested name in quotation marks.

Added buttons: print, save and copy list to clipboard.

Added button to perform a full refresh including the index.

Added support for Hot keys: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Del.

Drag&Drop operations are now possible.

Supports now passing of patterns via the command line.

Bugfix: Result list does not reload totally after deleting a file/files anymore.

Bugfix: The scroll position and sort order will remain also.


Version 1.2.1 Beta : (11 Feb 2010)

UltraSearch passed the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo test.

Improved speed for some search patterns.

It is now possible to export the result list as text or CSV file.

The path is now displayed without file name in the path column.

Bugfix: Some search results were added twice to the result list.

Bugfix: No default drive was selected for the first startup after the installation.

Bugfix: Occasionally drive C:\ was added multiple times to the drive list.

Bugfix: Sometimes files without information were shown.

Bugfix: The Application could crash during the very first run.

Bugfix: Improved error handling if the user has insufficient rights for accessing the MFT.

Bugfix: Sort order of "Last Access Date" was incorrect.

Bugfix: If the length of a path was larger than 255 characters an error message occurred.

Bugfix: A few minor improvements have been incorporated.


Version 1.2 Beta : (25 Dec 2009)

First official release.