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Anti-Spam & -Virus, Backup and Rules Engine for the Exchange Server





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  • Integration and Configuration

    • Plugin for the Microsoft Exchange Server - seamlessly integrates into the server environment.
    • The Exchange Server Toolbox will also work as plug-in for the open source hMailServer - all features included.
    • Simple and clear configuration interface.
  • Rules Engine

    • Extensive set of rules for processing incoming mail, e.g. automatically pass certain messages to external programs.
    • Rules can be applied to internal emails (Exchange Server 2007 and higher).
    • Variables can be used as placeholders to process text content of emails - e.g. in personalized out-of-office-notices or as part of the order process.
    • Avoid lawsuits: Blacklist email recipients and make sure that no unwanted email is sent out.
  • Archiving

    • Backups can now be performed to a database (integrated database, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server) or to the file system.
    • The integrity of your archived mails is ensured by creating a signature and checking against it (supported by an integrated database: Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server). This provides archiving compliant to the latest international electronic backup laws.
    • An archive index is created to facilitate searching the content of the backups.
  • Spam Filter

    • Strong anti-spam solution: The integrated SpamAssassin runs out-of-the-box, including statistical Bayes filter and the option to train the identification of spam (or junk) and ham ("no spam") emails manually.
    • Create your own spam rules for individualized spam protection.
    • Integrated blacklists and whitelists for email adresses and words in subject or content.
  • Outlook Add-In

    • The Outlook add-in facilitates easy archive search for users.
    • Enables users to train "spam" and "no spam" e-mail recognition resulting in increased protection from junk emails.
  • Extended Windows event log

    • The extended event log guarantees an easy overview over all emails processed via the Exchange Server Toolbox.