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Secure Email Archive

Many countries have laws regarding the archiving of business-related email communication. In Germany the "principles regarding the proper keeping and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic format and regarding data access" (short: "GoBD") provide rules and regulations as to how emails have to be stored.

Email archiving solutions like Exchange Server Toolbox help you with this task. However, not every archiving software will fulfil the German GoBD.

JAM Software wanted to play it safe. A renowned public auditor, the QUADRILOG GmbH, has checked Exchange Server Toolbox. The result: Exchange Server Toolbox is GoBD-certified.

This means:

  • emails are archived securely,
  • emails are stored with a signature, which ensures that every alteration will be noticed,
  • the email archive can be searched,
  • the email archive can be exported.

In short: If Exchange Server Toolbox is used correctly, it meets the very strict German legal and regulatory requirements. Chances are our email archiving solution will fulfil the standards set by the legislators in your country - we still recommend, however, to double-check whether there are additional requirements.

Exchange Server Toolbox version 5.3 is GoBD-certified. The official certificate issued by QUADRILOG GmbH (German).