Exchange Server Toolbox

Powerful, Full-Featured and Easy-to-use

Multi-client capable email archive - fast, stable and fail-safe

The legally compliant archiving of email is often a core requirement for email processing. The Exchange Server Toolbox offers a flexible email archiving system that can be integrated into any infrastructure - whether file system based, MSSQL or MySQL.

Cleanly separated - one archive for each client

You manage a single archive for each client. Each client is assigned a domain or a list of email addresses.

The emails are stored in the corresponding archive.

Search in Microsoft Outlook - Quick and easy

With our included Outlook AddIn every archive is searchable directly in Outlook. The practical search for correspondence to a selected email and the lightning-fast search make working with the archive a breeze.

Delete emails GDPR-compliant

In order to remove emails from your archive according to GDPR, an approval from a second person is required.

The Exchange Server Toolbox can help with its four-eyes deletion principle to submit single or multiple deletion requests in bulk to a control person.

Who sees which emails - The user administration

The user management in the Exchange Server Toolbox allows them to configure dedicated access rights to email addresses for each individual archive. The import of Active-Directory access rights saves you valuable time.