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SpaceObServer Remote Clientv6.1The remote access for SpaceObServer

Unlimited Scans 

SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition can scan any number of machines. The multi-server licenses regulate the number of machines on which SpaceObServer may be installed or run.

License Information

The number of licenses has to match or exceed the number of computers or clients on which our software is available for use. Each instance (installation) provided for more than one user needs to be registered according to the number of users.
One registered copy of the software may either be used by one person on up to three allocated computers (not simultaneously, not more than one virtual or physical server) or it might be installed on a single computer and be used by more than one person (not simultaneously).
If the registered version of the software shall be provided via a network, the number of individual licenses has to at least match the number of physical workstations, servers, and terminal clients able to access the software.

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Editions & Offers

Manage disk space remotely with the SpaceObServer Remote Client
and the SpaceObServer Web Access.

Prices for higher volumes on request.
Information about Microsoft SQL Server and licensing.

  • Please note: Prices ($) above are in US Dollar.
  • Shipping costs do not apply if the registered version is downloaded from our internet pages for registered users.
  • European companies can be invoiced. Terms: NET30.
  • The number of licenses you buy must be greater or equal to the number of workstations where the software is available for execution. View the complete license agreement (PDF).
  • Resellers: Please feel free to use our contact form to request more information about our reseller conditions.