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Version 7.1

New Features

  • With SpaceObServer you can now examine your SharePoint On Premise or SharePoint Online storage. This way you can keep an eye on your entire storage space environment and also handle migrations (e.g. copy or move operations) from your Windows storage to your SharePoint with SpaceObServer.
  • The user interface is as of now also available in the addition of the Japanese and Hungarian language. Please note that we do not provide support or help files in these languages.
  • The number of files in the "Top 100 Files" list can now be configured in the new options page "Top Files". Furthermore, it is now possible to select whether the size or the occupied space should be used as a guideline here, as well as to configure the columns displayed in the list.
  • A new field in the status bar of the user interface allows you to see if there were any issues because of missing access permissions within the last scan and which folders were affected. The same function can also be found in the "Configure Scans" dialog by right-clicking on a scan.
  • The Extensions and Duplicate Files lists can now also be saved as a fold-out Excel report. A corresponding option has been added to the dialog for saving the report.
  • A fresh installation of SpaceObServer now takes over the most important user settings of TreeSize Professional, in case TreeSize Professional is already installed on your system.
  • The full version of the product can now be downloaded and installed directly from the trial version by entering the Customer ID and installation key. The full version setup will run automatically and unattended and can optionally be postponed until the application is closed.


  • The new column "Full Path" has been added to the "Top 100 files" list. The column can be activated via the context menu of the column header or in the new options page "Top Files".
  • The "Print right pane" function now also includes a diagram that may be visible. Please note that a list alone can still be printed using the right-click menu of the list.
  • In case of an access error during a scan, e.g. due to missing authorizations for a certain directory structure, the user context is now also displayed in the error message.
  • Using the new sub menu "Manage scans" in the context menu of the directory tree, you can now start a new scan, configure scans or move the scan to a container.
  • A new button in "Configure Scans > Expert Settings" allows the creation of a new MS SQL database, in order to outsource individual scans to different databases.
  • The file operations dialog now has an option to preserve the timestamps (creation date, modification date, last access date) of files during a copy or move operation on the file system
  • The filtering of scan results according to permissions of certain users ("Search > Configure > Permissions") with the activated option "Regard groups which contain this user" is now much faster.
  • The scan performance has been improved through the revision of the database indices, which are used for scanning.
  • The runtime for scanning the permissions (ACLs) has been improved by introducing a database index.
  • Some other minor improvements have been made.


  • An issue when reloading scan targets within a container when using the "Tools > Show Previous Scan Sizes" function has been fixed.
  • A problem when restoring the selection in the "Top 100 Files" list, when changing the selected scan or folder in the directory tree has been fixed.
  • When exporting a container, the values "Growth last Week" and "Growth last Month" are now exported correctly.
  • Opening URL files with a double-click now works as expected.
  • When deleting scans that were not on the main database, the corresponding database tables were not removed from the data database. This problem has been resolved.
  • Several minor fixes have been included.

Changed compatibilities

  • SpaceObServer now requires the .NET Framework 4.8.

9 June 2021