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Version 7.0.1

  • The export of the list of "Similar Folders" ("Similar Folders > Export Similar Folders") has been improved to work as expected.
  • The results formatting of the "Copy List" option in the detail view context menu has been adjusted. When pasting into an Excel file, separate cells are now used for the copied list columns and rows.  
  • Filtering in the "Extensions" list did not work when the "Group file types" option was enabled for a selected file type group. This problem has been fixed.
  • When adjusting the "Position of the scan" in "Scan > Scan settings > Expert options", not all arrays in the database tables of this scan were updated correctly. This problem has been fixed.
  • A problem with license management on systems with outdated certificates has been fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances it could occur that containers that contained scans configured for a different database ("Scan > Scan settings > Expert options > Database") were incorrectly not displayed in the scan overview on the left below the directory tree. This problem has been fixed.

5 February 2021

Version 7.0

New Features

  • The Enterprise Edition of SpaceObServer now offers the possibility to generate automated exports. The new "Post Scan Actions" offer a variety of configuration options so that you can tailor reports to your needs. The exports configured in this way are processed automatically after a successful scan.
  • The File Operations dialog now also allows to move or copy files to Amazon S3 Storages or Linux/Unix servers.
  • A search box at the top of the main window (available in Windows 10), as well as in the Options dialog, now allows searching for actions or settings quickly and conveniently.
  • The user interface is now also available in Chinese and Danish. Please note that we do not provide support or help files in these languages.
  • A new option "Replace only older" has been added to the File Operations dialog. You can use this option to prevent newer files in the target directory from being overwritten when copying or moving files.
  • With the new buttons left side of the selection box for the scan targets, you can now navigate back and forth in the directory tree or switch to the higher-level folder of the currently selected directory.
  • Options: The list separator that is used when exporting to CSV and text files can now be configured.


  • The component for managing the installation key has been renewed. This fixes issues that some customers have experienced with the Windows Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) security option, Carbon Black security software, and Lumension Endpoint Protection. Therefore, all customers need new installation keys for V7, which can be found at “Downloads” in the customer area.
  • The "Add Scan" dialog now has its own selection box for WebDav scan targets. It is also possible to enter the http notation of a WebDav scan target here, the SpaceObServer then automatically converts this into the UNC notation.
  • The lists "Duplicate Files" and "Details" now offers a new master checkbox in the header of the first column. With this checkbox you can check-mark all list entries at once.
  • When calculating the MD5 checksums for files, the progress of this operation is now displayed in the "State" field of the scan target.
  • The Overview that is displayed below the Ribbon menu now also shows the last scan date of the currently selected scan target.
  • In the export options you can now choose whether an "[Files]" element should also be exported for each directory.
  • The navigation in the directory structure from within a displayed diagram has been improved. A new button in all diagrams now allows you to switch directly to the higher-level element.
  • The "History" diagram and its exports now uses the "Date/Time Format" setting configured in the options, for labeling the X-axis.
  • The calculation of the used storage space for very small files, for which the NTFS file system does not actually have to occupy any additional storage space, has been improved so that this value now corresponds to the value reported by Windows Explorer.
  • Some improvements in the display on high-resolution monitors for which Windows screen scaling is enabled have been incorporated.
  • The dialog for executing file operations has been reasonable revised.
  • Some other minor improvements have been made.


  • When using several instances of the SpaceObServer under certain circumstances several servers may have performed a scan simultaneously. This issue has been fixed.
  • When scanning an Exchange Server, only a maximum of 1000 mailboxes were treated. This problem has been fixed.
  • The option "Show Details Flat" in the ribbon menu "Details" is now much faster for very long lists.
  • When exporting scan results via "File > Export" with activated "Add single files to export" option, the files in the export were not sorted correctly. This issue has been fixed.
  • When exporting the "Extensions" list to Excel, it could happen that the alignment of the "Description" column was right-aligned, instead of left-aligned as expected for textual content. This problem has been resolved.
  • In the "Age of Files" statistics, an error in the displayed number of files has been corrected.
  • Several minor fixes have been included.

Changed compatibilities

  • At least .Net Framework 4.7.2 is required, which should already be installed on your operating system through Windows Update.

1 December 2020