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Version 7.3.1

  • Bugfix: Under certain circumstances a defined "File Lifetime" operation of a Post Scan Action affected too many files. This issue has been resolved.

20 September 2022

Version 7.3

This update contains 2 Community Features from our Feature Voting Platform: Setting a maximum file lifetime and configuration of the maximum number of concurrent scans.

New Features

  • New feature for setting a maximum lifetime for certain files: In the “Post Scan actions” you can now also specify that certain files which reached a configurable maximum age are automatically archived, moved or even deleted after a scan.
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  • The user interface is now also available in Norwegian, Bulgarian, and Vietnamese. However, please note that we do not provide technical support or help files in these languages.
  • In the "Extensions" list with activated "Group file types" option, information is now also displayed for file groups in the "Growth" column. This information about the storage growth of file groups was not available in previous versions.
  • OLE Automation: With the new function "FileOperation" in the OLE Automation interface of SpaceObServer, you can now automatically move, copy, archive, or delete files. A detailed description of the function can be found in the SpaceObServer help, as well as a helpful sample script in the "Demos" subfolder.
  • OLE Automation: With the new filter functions IncludePermissionsPattern and ExcludePermissionsPattern, directories can now be restricted to files and folders for which only certain users have permissions or for which specified users have no permissions. Note: As for all other filters based on permissions, the scan option "Calculate Permissions (ACLs) and store them in database" is also required here.


  • User interface components have been redesigned for a more modern Windows 11-style look.
  • The maximum number of concurrent scans can now be configured in the options under "System > Service > Service Options".
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  • Implemented some improvements that improve usability, especially for first-time users. For example, the first scan created on an empty database is now automatically loaded into the user interface after creation. We hope this will improve usability, especially for first-time users.
  • The start time of the SpaceObServer user interface has been improved, especially when observing very large structures with SpaceObServer.
  • The duration of scans with the scan option "Calculate Permissions (ACLs) and store in database" enabled have been improved through optimizations in the database.
  • The “SpaceObServer Remote Client” now has its own trial version installer. In previous versions, there was only one trial installer for SpaceObServer and its add-on “SpaceObServer Remote Client”, with a configuration option within the installation process.
  • An option to "Abort all scan progress" has been added to the context menu of the list under "Scan > Configure Scans" (submenu "Expert options"). This option allows selected scans to be aborted even if the SpaceObServer scan service is not responding.
  • The setting for archiving the scan data under "Scan > Configure Scans > Additional Options > History" has been adjusted so that the desired period can now also be specified in weeks, months, or years.
  • Bulk renaming is now also available in the context menu of the “Details” list for selected files and folders.
  • The option to change the "User credentials for scans" is now also available in the context menu of the list under "Scan > Configure Scans".
  • Some other minor improvements have been made.


  • File Operations dialog: Fixed an error when creating the undo script where previously created symlinks/hardlinks were not properly deleted.
  • The "Hide items smaller than" option in the "Post Scan actions" did not work correctly. This issue has been resolved.
  • The "Expand to level X" option in the "Post Scan actions" did not work in combination with an additional filter. This issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect queries on Azure SQL databases.
  • Several minor fixes have been included.

17 August 2022