Get Current Account Transactions From Your Bank

Would you like to keep track of all transactions on your German account? SEPA-Transfer shows all transactions of the last months in a clear table and saves them permanently.

Filtering and Sorting

The displayed transactions can be filtered by payer, purpose and other values. For example, you can easily find all direct debits from a certain account or with a certain amount.

To quickly see the largest expenses or revenues, simply sort the sales by amount. If the filter function is active at the same time, the sorting only affects the filtered sales. This makes it easy, for example, to find the highest transfers to a specific recipient.

Exporting and further processing

The account transactions are load in the CAMT53 or MT940 format. If you want the displayed transaction to be exported in an Excel file or archive them in a PDF for further analysis, this is also possible. SEPA-Transfer offers export to Excel, CSV and PDF files. Of course, the data can also be printed directly from the program.

See also: export of account activities using the command line