SpamAssassin in a Box

The Anti-Spam Solution SpamAssassin

The email spam filter SpamAssassin in a Box seamlessly integrates into the email download process. It creates no lags and the spam blocker does not need to be activated manually: all emails are scanned for spam automatically.

  1. The email server receives the emails and forwards them to the SpamAssassin.
  2. SpamAssassin analyses the emails and calculates each email's spam score.
  3. SpamAssassin then adds the spam score information to the email header and sends the email back to the server
  4. The server processes the email according to the additional information. You can, for example, move all emails with a spam score exceeding certain limits to the spam folder and let all clean emails pass through to your inbox.
Visualization SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin in a Box is integrated into a Windows system service, which activates the spam filter at startup and secures optimal performance.

You will find more detailed information regarding SpamAssassin (including an FAQ).