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Version 8.4

This update contains 5 Community Features from our Feature Voting Platform: Multi Thread Scans, Mark all except selected, Import and Export of search filters and many more.

New features

  • A wizard for new users has been added, which guides you step by step through TreeSize.
  • TreeSize now has 3 program modes: "Expert", "Normal" and "Simple". New is especially the “Simple Mode", which aims at casual users with basic knowledge. TreeSize hides functions and settings that are primarily intended for system administrators, in order to provide a cleaner user interface. The "Expert" mode, on the other hand, shows less frequently used settings for power users in the options dialog.
  • Copying and pasting folders via the clipboard is now also supported between local scans and remote storage locations such as SharePoint, Amazon S3 or SSH.

File Search

  • Using a single search has been made easier. A search can now be started and stopped independently of the rest. When starting a search (for example "Duplicate Search"), the results of the other searches (for example "Simple Search") are no longer discarded, but only those of the started search.
  • In the file operations dialogue, the option 'Replace only older existing files' is now also available when moving files to Amazon S3, SharePoint or Linux/Unix servers.
  • The search syntax of the 'Simple Search' now offers the 'path:' property, which can be used to restrict the search to specific folder paths. More detailed information and examples can be found in the program help.
  • The "Highest search results only" function of the advanced search has been improved. Filtering the results now runs much faster and no longer leads to a short-term blocking of the user interface.
  • The function "Select > Duplicates if a copy exists in folder" has been extended so that any folder can now be selected.
  • For the duplicate search, a new option "Mark > All except selected" has been added. With this feature, numerous files can be marked for deletion in one step, while the selected file remains.
  • Search filters can now be imported or exported from a file using the right-click menu. In addition, a simple list of file names or paths can now be pasted from the clipboard.
  • The filter "file extension" has been added to the list of available search filters.
  • The search for file content can now also search for terms with special characters in UTF-8 encoded files *without* the so-called "Byte Order Mark".
  • When deduplicating, duplicate groups were only included in the operation if all included files were check-marked. This has been fixed so that individual duplicates can now be check-marked for deduplication again.
  • The command line option /READONLYMODE "True" is now also correctly evaluated in the file search.
  • The duplicate search can now also read and process all files correctly in combination with the option "Search within ZIP files".


  • The dropdown at the top left of the main window with the last examined paths now enlarges if it contains very long paths, e.g. URLs.
  • In the options, up to 64 threads can now be set for a scan in "Expert" mode. Please use this option with care, because many threads working in parallel only make a scan faster if not other factors represent a bottleneck for a scan, otherwise a scan with many threads may become even slower.
  • In the dialogue for automated tasks, the value for "Next execution" is now displayed.
  • The optional column "Status" now correctly displays the OneDrive file status as text representation. This column can be activated via the "More columns" dialog in the right-click menu of the column header and contains data only for OneDrive folders for which the option "Files on demand" is activated.
  • The free space of folders on which Folder Quotas are defined now takes them into account, as it was in V7. In V8, until now, the free space of the entire drive was displayed. You see this value in the status bar, in the optional column "Free space" of the details list, as well as in the tooltip of the directory tree. 
  • When renaming files, only the file name is now selected by default, but no longer the file extension, similar to Windows Explorer.
  • If a non-initialized network drive is scanned (labeled by a red X), TreeSize now tries to initialize it.
  • The function to expand to a certain level now folds deeper levels correctly again.
  • A problem with the display of size changes for individual files has been fixed.
  • An error in the export was fixed: If the option to include files was activated, some files were missing.
  • Numerous other minor corrections and improvements have been made.

10 August 2022