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Easily deduplicate files

The TreeSize file search found a number of duplicates - now what? Maybe it's time to delete redundant files and reclaim your disk space!

In addition to the "Move Checked Files"-option, TreeSize offers you a mighty tool to replace files with identical content with NTFS hard links: the Deduplication feature. TreeSize will replace the selected duplicates by hard links that all point to the same physical data on your drive.

Unlike other programs, TreeSize will count hard links only once and not report them as duplicates.

Since NTFS hard links can only be used for files on the same partition, TreeSize lets you decide whether you want to deduplicate files on different partitions or disks using symbolic links or whether you want to ignore them.

screenshot deduplicate files

The dialog will show you how many files you want to deduplicate and how much disk space is wasted by redundant files. It also allows you to define if and where a log file (TXT) containing information about the performed operations is to be saved.

SpaceObServer, the database-based disk space manager, offers a deduplication feature, too.

Duplicate searches and deduplications can be planned as scheduled tasks via an easy-to-use interface in the Professional Edition.

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