Check on file details using the TreeSize Details View

The TreeSize Details View gives you detailed information of files and folders of your scan. Thanks to a Windows Explorer-like look, you find yourself in a well-known environment.

Besides all information you get from the Windows Explorer like, TreeSize provides you with extra detail columns. Add or remove columns with file information as you like, and export results. File properties can also serve as search filters in the TreeSize File Search.

Get more details by adding columns

Are you looking for extra details, the Windows Explorer does not provide? In the TreeSize details view, you can add 5 groups of new columns with further file or folder information as you like:

  • Windowns File Explorer properties
  • TreeSize file properties (more than 40)
  • File types
  • Age of files
  • Users

Did you know? There is a difference between allocated and actual disk space we explain on our blog.

You can add more detailed information via the options dialog or by selecting the desired properties in the column list. Just right-click the header of the list.

Additionally, you can contextualize file details, adding file ages, users or file extensions as columns. To do so, click the "add to detail list" option in the corresponding ribbons. TreeSize automatically adds the desired meta information in the details columns.

Make use of file operations and export

TreeSize provides various details tools in the details context tab.

TreeSize Details Ribbon Tab

Besides operations like move/copy, deletion, copy to clipboard or copy path, there are comfort operations like:

Try the TreeSize Detail View yourself

We think it's important to try TreeSize yourself before you make the decision to buy. That's why we provide a 30 days free trial of TreeSize, without registration!

Why not check it out?