Visualize Folder Size

TreeSize directory tree allows you to show the size of folders including subfolders - in the detailed view you can see folder sizes all the way down to file level. Choose the unit (KB, MB, GB, or TB) you want the scan results to be displayed in or simply use the "Automatic Unit" feature that chooses an appropriate unit so that number don't get too long.

In the directory tree you may sort the folders by name or by size. Utilize the numerous visualization options to get an overview of your files and the disk space they occupy.

The gradient bar in the background of the TreeSize directory tree serves as a size indicator, providing a quick and easy overview of the folder sizes. The gradient colors can be configured in the TreeSize Options dialog. Additionally, TreeSize can show very large folders in bold text.

Use the database based disk space manager SpaceObServer to compare folder sizes over a longer period of time.