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TreeSize Personalv7.1Disk Space Usage Analysis and Management

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You are a Microsoft Most Valued Professional or a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Here's what we can offer you!

TreeSize Personal is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows.


Analyze Disk Space

Find the largest files and folders on your drives and recover precious disk space.

TreeSize Personal will help you!

For each folder, TreeSize Personal presents (among other information):

Find Redundant Files

The integrated file search enables you to find search old, big, temporary, and duplicate files specifically. Redundant files can be deleted or archived to a zip file.

The application features an intuitive Windows Explorer-like user interface and works in the background. TreeSize Personal can be started from the context menu of every folder or drive.

Please note:

Only the Professional Edition offers scans of network drives within Windows domains and on Windows servers, command line options, or scheduled scans.

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TreeSize version 7 can do even more! Curious? Take a look at the new features of the professional space manager!

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