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Scan Smartphones and Mobile Devices with TreeSize

How much free disk space has smartphone's internal storage left? How much space do my videos occupy on my tablet? Most users ask those question only when their SD card is filled to the brim or when their smartphone cannot store the picture they just took.

Built-in tools can be helpful for checking which app consumes how much space, but those apps won't tell users the exact amount of disk space used by folders and files.

Disk space managers running on computers would be ideal for this kind of storage management, but they only work if a mobile device connected is recognized as a drive. Since most mobile devices and digital cameras use the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), most disk space managers are unable to scan them.

TreeSize offers not one, but two solutions.

Scan Mobile Devices and Digital Cameras via MTP

TreeSize will scan mobile devices connected to your computer via the MTP. Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Canon, or Nikon - as long as it is listed under "This PC", TreeSize recognizes and scans your device!

Scan smartphones and mobile devices with TreeSize via MTP.

Scan Android smartphones, Windows Phones and iPhones with TreeSize.

Scan Android Devices via WebDAV

If you are a typical user, your Android mobile phone is always connected to your WLAN. If this is the case, then that's the way you want to scan it!

  • Download a WebDAV app such as WebDAV server by The Olive Tree.
  • Start the app: It will show you your mobile device's IP address.
  • Enter the IP address in TreeSize, then start your scan.
  • TreeSize will list your cell phone's or tablet's disk space usage.

TreeSize not only scans mobile devices or cameras. Learn more about TreeSize scan targets:

treesize scan targets

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