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Long Paths on Windows Systems

"File Path Too Long" is an error most users will find hard to fix. A pre-defined character limit (around 256 to 260 characters) varies from one Windows version to the other. Beyond it users cannot name a file or folder.

While Windows' standard file system (NTFS) support paths up to a length of 65,535 characters, Windows imposes (even in the newest versions) a maximum path length of 255 characters, the value of the constant MAX_PATH. This limitation is a remnant of MS DOS and has been kept for reasons of compatibility. Many applications cannot handle long paths correctly. Even the Windows Explorer has its difficulties with paths longer than 255 characters, the .NET framework does not support them at all.

Long paths are often created accidentally, for example ift a volume is integrated into a Distributed File System (DFS) tree. Once a path has exceeded the maximum length, the Windows Explorer can no longer access it.

How to Fix the "File Path Too Long" Error

Once a long path has been created in the DSF tree, chances are that only the administrator can shorten it locally on the fileserver (where he can access files without following DSP paths). More often than not the solution is shortening a few folder names. If this doesn't work, TreeSize can help.

TreeSize and Long Paths

Use the TreeSize File Search to find file paths of a specific length.

TreeSize finds and processes long paths.

TreeSize can help you prevent the creation of long paths: Simply search a user's system for files exceeding a certain safe length. Users can then use the search results to shorten paths before they reach a problematic character count.

A path in the DFS has a maximum length of 50 characters. Use the File Search to find paths with at least 190 characters. Export a list of all found file paths and tell the user to shorten them.

If you want to access files or folders in long paths you cannot shorten yourself, you can archive or move them with TreeSize.

You require access to files in a long path, but Windows Explorer cannot help you. The TreeSize File Search finds the folder. You select a target folder and tell TreeSize not to keep the folder structure. TreeSize moves the files ignoring the old structure - the long path problem is solved.

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