UltraSearch Free Changelog

What is New in UltraSearch Free?

Version 3.0.1

  • When using the semicolon to separate multiple search terms, an error occurred in some cases. The problem has been solved.
  • An error when searching for file types and file content using Query Composer has been fixed.
  • Opening URL files via double-click now works correctly.
  • An error that could occur when browsing OneDrive and Dropbox folders has been fixed.
  • When starting UltraSearch via the Windows Explorer context menu, the search will now be started after the user has entered a search pattern.
  • A bug when searching for files in folders with trailing spaces has been fixed.
  • The visual representation of the exclude filter has been adapted: If the filter is activated, this option is now highlighted in blue, analogous to the other filters.
  • A bug that caused the file preview to still show the contents of a file that had just been deleted was fixed.
  • The tooltip in the result list now matches the currently selected element.
  • Sorting the drive list by pinned drives now works properly.
  • In some cases, the standard action for the respective file type was not executed when you double-clicked on a file in the result list. This issue has been resolved.
  • The color for highlighting the sorted column has been corrected and now corresponds to the color of the previous version.
  • The user interface options are now saved in the same folder as the program options.
  • The readability of search input in "High Contrast" mode has been improved.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements were made.

11 November 2020