UltraSearch Free Changelog

What is New in UltraSearch Free?

Version 3.0

New Features

  • Starting with this version, UltraSearch offers a Professional Edition with extended functionality. You can find more information on our website.
  • Searching on network drives is now supported.
  • The user interface has been updated and adapted to the ribbon design of Windows Explorer.
  • In addition to the NTFS file system, other file systems such as Fat32 or exFat can be searched.
  • New file operations can be used to conveniently move, delete and zip selected files and much more. (Professional Edition only)
  • The HTML and Excel export have been revised and are now exclusively available in the ‘Professional Edition’.
  • The result list can now also be exported to a PDF file. (Professional Edition only)
  • The input mask for search patterns has been completely revised and the input fields for file names, file types and file contents have been combined into one common input field.
  • The new "Query Composer" supports you with an extended input mask and detailed explanations when entering your search.
  • UltraSearch now offers its own search syntax with which the search queries can be formulated even more precisely. For more information please refer to our help file.
  • For a better selection of results, element checkboxes for the result list can be activated under 'View'. (Professional Edition only)
  • The program hotkey can now be freely configured in the options menu.
  • After entering a search pattern, you can switch to the result list by pressing the F3 key.
  • The keywords of the new language syntax are now highlighted in color for a better overview.
  • Incorrect entries when using the new language syntax are displayed in red.
  • The search can now be stopped using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Enter.
  • Support for Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 has been discontinued with this version.


  • The product logo has been updated. (Professional Edition only)
  • UltraSearch is now also available in Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean.
  • The language of the user interface can be changed without restarting the program.
  • Office, video or audio files can be conveniently searched for at the push of a button using the file type search in the new ribbon bar.
  • UltraSearch can now be started without administrator rights.


  • In the options menu you now can create a portable version of UltraSearch if required. (Professional Edition only)
  • Opening URL files by double-clicking now works correctly.
  • The import of file types in the file groups now works without freezing the application.
  • When exporting file information to an Excel file, the application sometimes stopped responding to user input. This problem has been fixed.
  • An error during printing that caused an empty result list to be printed has been fixed.

29 September 2020