Find Paths Longer Than 255 Characters

  • Scan your storage system for paths longer than 255 characters
  • Easily move or delete long paths
  • Automatically repeat the process on a regular schedule

Find Long Paths on Your File Systems

Are you struggling with file operations because of the 255-character path limitation in older versions of Windows? Then it's time to streamline your workflow with SpaceObServer!

SpaceObServer is the solution for anyone who needs to work with files and folders with long paths. Unlike traditional methods, SpaceObServer supports paths longer than 255 characters, allowing you to perform file operations seamlessly.

Whether you need to delete, move or rename files with long paths, SpaceObServer allows you to do it with just a few clicks.

Quickly find and organize long paths

Finding files with long paths can be a time-consuming task. With SpaceObServer's built-in file search feature, you can easily find and organize files with long paths. No more wasting valuable time manually searching through folders. SpaceObServer's advanced search capabilities simplify the process and allow you to locate long path files in an instant.

Supercharge your file management efficiency

Don't let path length limitations hinder your productivity. Try SpaceObServer for free today and unlock the full potential of your file management capabilities.