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Find Files With the Custom File Search

You can configure your own file search with TreeSize and tell TreeSize exactly which files you are looking for. The custom search allows you to perform multiple searches.

Define your own search criteria for TreeSize:

  • Decide whether TreeSize shall exclude or include files matching your search.
  • Filter files according to file owner or path and search the file content.
  • Search for certain patterns (e.g. *.JPG) or file types (e.g. "Video files"), regular expressions or the entire file name.
  • Find files that have been changed during a certain period of time.
  • Set a maximum and/or minimum file size to find e.g. the largest files on a volume
  • Set a maximum and/or minimum path length to find long paths.
  • You can also use all Windows Explorer columns as search criteria, show them in the result list and export them.
  • Search files that have a certain attribute set (e.g."Readonly" or "System") or have Alternate Data Streams associated.
  • Have TreeSize search only files or only folders or both.

TreeSize supports all common server systems as targets for your search: Search SharePoint Online and On-Premise, Amazon S3, WebDav as well as Linux Server (via SSH) and many more systems.

Improved Usability

In addition, with TreeSize v8.1 we did a facelift in order to improve the look & feel and the usability of the TreeSize custom file search. Search criteria like file name, size and age can now be selected at one place and can be combined for a faster search experience.

All metadata in one point

The metadata presented in the result lists can be configured on the "View" ribbon bar. Besides the many metadata information that TreeSize is able to deliver, you can add any column of the Windows Explorer to the result list. This includes 3rd party Shell extensions that often get installed along with a software for their proprietary file formats.

Save Custom File Searches

You can save all search settings in order to load them and repeat the search at a later point, or to automatize them using the built-in scheduler of TreeSize. To do so, define new search templates and save them permanently, or customize existing search templates.

Process search results

TreeSize does not stop on the reporting level, it allows powerful batch processing by applying copy, remove, rename or delete operations on all results, all this fully integrated in the TreeSize user interface.

The information can be exported to files in various formats, among them Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML, which makes further processing or reporting very easy. You can also send the search results by email as well, optionally according to a predefined schedule via TreeSize Task Scheduler.

The TreeSize File Search can be started via the Windows Start Menu or the "File Search" menu of TreeSize main module.