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TreeSize Personalv7.0Disk Space Usage Analysis and Management

Exporting and Reporting

The disk space reporting software TreeSize offers a variety of formats for exporting and reporting your scan results.

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In the Professional Edition you can plan scan exports as Windows tasks in a comfortable interface.


Save the results of your scans in the XML-format to load and review them again later or to easily compare them to a current scan. This allows you to keep track of directory growth over a period of time. TreeSize automatically incorporates a style sheet to ensure the reader-friendliness of the XML reports. You can choose which information to export - just like you would select columns in MS Excel.

Save and compare Snapshots

If you want to compare scans but would like to avoid saving huge XML files, the snapshot feature should be the tool of your choice. Windows creates those snapshots from time to time. Depending on your system settings this means that you can access disk space usage information saved even before TreeSize was installed on your system!

If you require a detailed folder size history for customizable intervals but don't want to store large XML files, we recommend using SpaceObServer. SpaceObServer runs in the background and employs a database to store scan results right down to file level. Older scan results are provided automatically and do not need to be saved externally.


TreeSize incorporates native Excel 2000 to 2016 support, just hit “File > Export > Excel” after a scan and use the “Customize” button to configure the export to fit your needs. When exporting data in the XLS/XLSX-format, TreeSize will format the columns according to their content and in the chosen unit (e.g. KB, MB etc.) - no matter whether Excel is installed on your machine or not. Using scan results in your calculations is easy: simply apply the formulas. No reformatting of any kind required. Expandable tiers grant the perfect overview and facilitate easy scan analysis. In addition, you can define the type of information that will be exported.


Reports can be exported to PDF files. PDFs can contain charts and diagrams.


The spreadsheet program or database you want to process your scan results with doesn't support the XLS-format? Simply save your reports as TXT or CSV-files. You can choose which information will be exported.


Need to insert your scan results or charts into any other program, an existing document, or an email? Just copy them to the clipboard for further use.


Send your reports directly with the TreeSize email-export. No extra steps (save, copy, or attach) needed.


Save reports in the HTML format and send them to yourself via email or store them on an internal webserver to view them in your browser at any time. If JavaScript is activated on your system, TreeSize offers a dynamic view enabling you to expand and collapse each level of the nested folder/subfolder structure.

Copy list of files to clipboard

You require a list of all files in the selected directory? Simply use TreeSize to copy it to the clipboard and use the file list in other programs!

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