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With the free tool UltraSearch you can search for files in no time, even if they are stored in remote corners of your computer's file system.

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Sebastian Kolar, COMPUTER BILD

Just to say, a great tool.

With several drives full of years of documents, over 2 million, Windows 10 search got erratic, very.

Your free tool work as said it would, will keep it now and buy the professional version.

Ken Tombs, Business-Compass.com

I've been using this ultra fast search software for years with all my XP builds for myself and for clients. Thank you very much for your work.

Christopher W. Schneider, President PCTS4YOU LLC of Chicago

Just installed this program and did a search for *.scr files and wow it found them all *snaps fingers* just like that I couldn't believe how fast it was for just after installing the program. ...

Mike Williams, Samuel Clark, betanews.com

The search functionality is fast, really fast.

Ryan Wagner, CyberNet News

I would like to thank you very much for your software UltraSearch it is absolutely BRILLIANT.

I have tried many search applications over the years, but yours is by far the best and FASTEST I have ever used. I would like to thank you for this amazing piece of software. For you it may be simple, but for me it is AWESOME.

UltraSearch is the first and only software I have used that uses the MFT to locate files so much faster than other third party applications. Your software actually made me smile. Why waste like 15 minutes to locate a file, when you can find that file with UltraSearch in less than a minute. :)


I find UltraSearch the finest search routine available. I frequently save a downloaded file and then I am confused as to where my browser put it. Knowing the file name, I can use UltraSearch to find it in milliseconds!

David G.

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