UltraSearch Professional

Rename Multiple Files and Folders at Once

How to Rename Files and Folders in a Bulk

Renaming files is a daily tasks when working on PCs - and an annoying one. Especially because it's very time-consuming to rename every file by hand. Luckily there is help!

UltraSearch Professional lets you rename multiple files and folders at once with its Bulk Rename feature.

Select the files or folders you want to rename from your result list and hit "Bulk Rename" in the ribbons menu. Here you can configure the rules for your renaming on the left side. On the right side, you can see a preview of all the changes that would be made according to your adjustments.

Customize bulk renaming

Customize your renaming further with individual rules. Under "Configurations" you can select a rule type.

Available rules types are:

  • Replace: Specify what character or term UltraSearch Professional should search for and what to replace it with.
  • Insert: Insert text as prefix, suffix or at a specific position within the current file or folder name.
  • Enumerate: Enumerate all selected files and folders with numbers at the start or at the end of the selected files.
  • Delete: Delete certain text in the name or all characters on from a specific position.

Pro Tip: When replacing text in file names, you can also use regular expressions when selected. For more information on regular expressions, check out the UltraSearch search syntax.

Add and remove rules under "Available Rules".

Where UltraSearch Bulk Rename comes to action

UltraSearch Professional Bulk Rename comes in handy for various use cases. Let's take one for example.

You just downloaded a ZIP file that was automatically generated from a cloud drive and unpacked the archive to a bunch of files. The files now have cryptic names with special characters. No chance to understand what's inside without opening up the file.

You just came from a multi-day conference and took a lot of pictures with your smartphone. Back at your office, you want to put the photos on your external hard drive to archive them. All photos are named after the same unspecific schema, for example "image_001.jpg", so you want to rename the image files to find them later.

UltraSearch does the trick with its Bulk Rename feature. Just replace the name prefix "image" with the event's name, "workshop" in this example. Next, insert the date of the conference in the middle of the file name so that is says "workshop_2021-02-12.jpg". Finally, hit "Execute" and all selected files will be renamed according to your rules.

Looking for a way to rename multiple files and folders at once?

UltraSearch Professional's Bulk Rename feature saves time and nerves. Check it out now with our free 30-days trial version!