UltraSearch Professional

Specify Your Search with Date Filters

How to Filter File Search by Date

Customize your file search with file date filters. Search for files last created, accessed or modified and choose a specific date.

Choose date filters in the filters tab in UltraSearch Professional.

Checkmark the correct date attribute and determine an interval start and end. We help you out with an intuitive pop-up window. UltraSearch Professional automatically applies the filters to your search results.

Use case for date filters

Date filters especially help you out when you are looking for certain files with cryptic names. Let's take photos of one of your last holiday trips that were made with your camera or smartphone for example. With applied date filters, you can limit your search results to only those images that were created within the time you defined, like August 2018.

Besides date filters, UltraSearch Professional can filter by file size and offers various exclude filters for your file search.

Upgrade your search with date filters now

Do you want to try out date filters yourself? We offer a 30-days trial for UltraSearch Professional, without registration and completely free. Check it out!