UltraSearch Professional

Specify Your Search with File Size Filters

How to Filter File Search by File Size

File size filters are a great way to specify your search. Use them to define a minimum or maximum file size for files in your search results.

File size filters can be found in the filters tab in UltraSearch Professional.

Here you can checkmark filters for minimum and maximum file sizes. Choose between Bytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes. UltraSearch Professional automatically applies the filters to your search results.

Use case for file size filters

UltraSearch file size filters come in handy when looking for files with unknown names. Let's say you are looking for files using wildcards as part of the UltraSearch search syntax, the result list might contain dozens of smaller temporary or system files. File size filters allow you to exclude files that are too big or too small right from the start.

Besides file size filters, UltraSearch Professional offers customizable date filters as well as exclude filters for your file search.

Enhance your search with file size filters now

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