UltraSearch Professional

The Ultra-Fast File Search Solution

Extended File Operations

UltraSearch Professional not only lets you find files and folders within seconds, but also offers additional file operations for your search results. You can view and use these via the "File Operations" option on the UltraSearch Professional start tab.

With UltraSearch Professional, the results of the file search can be

  • moved from different folders and drives simultaneously.
  • archived in a ZIP file.
  • deleted permanently or moved to the recycle bin.
  • passed as parameter to any program or script to perform any operation.
  • copied to another location - a function that is also suitable for migration purposes.

UltraSearch Professional can create a log file and an undo script with which operations can be undone (if possible).

The program also offers the option of NTFS permissions of moved files. Symbolic links or NTFS hard links can be created which point to the moved files so that users can still find and open the files in their old destination. The complete directory structure can also be preserved when copying, moving or zipping files.

In addition, replacement rules can be set for existing files in the target directory.