UltraSearch Professional

Save and Load Your Search

Save and load your search configurations

UltraSearch Professional allows saving your custom file search, including all search syntax and filters. For later use, just load them up again and continue working.

Store all search filters and configurations of your search

Save all important search configurations for future file searches with UltraSearch Professional.

First create a search, then click the star icon in the Home ribbon that says "Save/Load search". Here you get a quick overview of all saved searches and your options. Hit "Save current search" and then decide on a fitting name for your search. We suggest choosing a very descriptive name, including most important information for later understanding.

    What UltraSearch will save

    UltraSearch Professional allows you saving search configuration surrounding:

    • Search terms and search syntax
    • File group filters
    • File size filters
    • File age filters
    • Exclude filters
    • Content search
    • Including files and/or folders in the search


    What UltraSearch will ignore

    While UltraSearch Professional will save the most important configurations of your search, some settings will be ignored for a better usability.

    For example, UltraSearch Professional will not save your selected drives as they might change in future searches. Likewise, UltraSearch will ignore file group filters that were created for file groups which does not exit anymore. This ensures that saved searches stay compatible even when you change global configurations over time.

    Manage saved searches

    Once you have set up a bunch of saved searches, you see them all by clicking "Manage save searches". In this list, you can select searches, reorganize them using the arrows or delete deprecated ones with the minus symbol.

    How saved searches come in handy

    Saved searches can help you out in various use cases, especially when performing recurring tasks.

    Let's say you have an archive full of research papers. Every so often, you need to consult certain papers of 2022 for your studies and search for them on different hard drives using UltraSearch Professional's content search.

    In this case, a file type filter for documents and a date filter set for the specific year can boost your search enormously. Set them up as filters for your initial search, save them, and then reuse them with all different search terms needed.

    Try UltraSearch's saved searches yourself

    Are you looking for an alternative for Windows search? Try UltraSearch Professional 30-days free trial!

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    UltraSearch Professional

    Search for files and folders in no time
    Various search filters like file age or size
    Saving of search configurations for later use